Accessible Learning Online Test Booking System

COVID-19: UPDATE January 12, 2022
Accommodated Test Scheduling

***Currently, accommodated tests will not be booked in the Accessibility Hub due to scheduling requirements and limited seats. Please contact directly for testing inquires for all campuses. Please check back regularly for updates on Test Centre reopening and processes.

Current COVID Accommodated Testing Guideline (updated January 12, 2022)

Accessibility Advisors are working closely with students registered with accommodations to make every effort to provide these students with test accommodations remotely.  In exceptional circumstances student may have to write on campus to meet accommodation requirements. 

Please note the following:

·       Tests will not be booked in the Accessibility Hub due to scheduling requirements and limited seats.

·       Students should discuss testing accommodations with their faculty to determine if they can be met remotely.

·       If testing accommodations can not be met remotely students should discuss concerns with their Accessibility advisor.

·       The Accessibility advisor will determine if the student needs to come on campus and connect the student with the Test Centre contact for exceptional booking.

·       In order to meet strict COVID protocols tests will likely be scheduled asynchronously with tests that occur in class.

**The process outlined below is temporarily suspended (January 12, 2022) 

Welcome! You can use this site to:

·       Book a test to be written during the scheduled class time

·       Check your schedule for appointments and booked tests

To begin, click on one of the menu choices on the left sidebar.

Important: This site works best using Internet Explorer as your browser.

If you missed the seven day cutoff and you are not able to book your test online, please reach out to your campus' testing office. You will be able to schedule your test online, by phone, email, or in person by stopping by the testing office. If you have missed a scheduled test, we can help you. Contact the testing office and staff will help you book your test on another date.


Testing Centre Room 2A509                                                      

(519) 748-5220 x3161


Testing Centre Room 2219

(519) 748-5220


Testing Centre Room A7

(519) 824-9390


Testing Centre Room 2A32

(519) 885-0300

Brantford – Student Services Support Desk

274 Colborne

(226) 250-1772 x7313

49 Frederick


Student Note: As of September 2019 the Test Centres are no longer providing classroom escorts.  Invigilation staff will assist you in reaching faculty via phone or email.  If faculty can not be reached you can make notes for your faculty on your test for review with faculty after the test.  Invigilators will indicate on the Test Cover when faculty have been contacted.