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COVID-19: UPDATE February 28, 2022
Accommodated Test Scheduling

All Testing requests must be received 14 days in advance of the appointment.  Due to limited staffing, testing appointments may need to be scheduled asynchronously to class times.

Please contact for questions.


Welcome to the Instructor Information website. You can use this website to:

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·        View Students who have booked tests.

·        Provide the test via an online link.

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Faculty Alert - If you have uploaded the incorrect version of a test, please do not upload a second version. Please contact the Test Centre via email, phone, or in person to provide the replacement test to ensure your students get the correct version.

Faculty Alert: As of September 2019 the Test Centres are no longer providing classroom escorts.  Invigilation staff will reach out to faculty via email and phone.  If faculty can not be reached students will make notes on the test for review with faculty after the test.  Invigilators will indicate on the Test Cover sheet when faculty have been contacted.   Please ensure you reach out to the Test Centre if changes are made to tests during the test.